Situated just a short distance off the coastal road on the south coast of the island between Tangalle and Hambantota. The gorgeous Indian Ocean and rich lagoons and mangrove swamps characterize this bird sanctuary. The Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary is an ideal location for undisturbed bird-watching. Interesting birds like the asian openbill, eurasian spoonbill, egrets, purple swamphen, black-winged stilt and many winter migrants can be sighted here.
Laying in a wide expanse of open country, Madunagala Hot Springs is a wonderful creation of nature in all its natural beauty. Historically, these hot springs flowed into a natural water hole. Recently they have been renovated and attractive stone tanks and basins have been created. Here, the hot water bubbles into the ponds and mixes with cooler water there. Warm water flows smoothly into the surrounding basins where visitors can enjoy the soothing mineral water. Changing rooms, western toilets and small shops with snacks and beverages are close by. Special indigenous ayurvedic drinks such as “Belimal” and “Ranawara” are local treats worth trying.
Ussangoda is a place of natural beauty and a designated archaeological site, situated on the Colombo - Kataragama road near Nonagama in Hambantota District of Sri Lanka. It is also a nature reserve and is located in the southern turtle breeding zones. Ussangoda is a patch of high ground by the sea and spreads over a significant area. But unlike the reset of the land surrounding, it is only covered with grasses and a few smalls pockets of pigmy forests. The summit of Ussangoda area pans like a plateau for a significant length.
Despite being traditionally viewed and referred to as a lagoon, Rekawa is a shallow brackish water estuary, receiving freshwater from the Kirama Oya and connected to the sea via two outlets, one of which is natural in Kapuhenwela and the other a man made canal in Medilla. The presence of mangroves, along with coral reefs and five species of globally threatened marine turtles in nearby coastal waters gives high biological value to the lagoon and surrounding environment. Fisheries are the most important livelihood of the rural village community in the vicinity of the wetland. Lack of employment opportunities has lead to increased dependency on the lagoon resources.

This ancient place of worship in Ruhuna is located on the bank of the Walawe Ganga, in the village of Udarata on the Nonagama-Ratnapura Road. It is about 12.8 km from Ambalantota.
Maha Nagakula was the capital of ancient Sri Lanka in the 11th century AD. The Ramba Viharaya had been the temple of the Maha Nagakula City where a large number of artifacts have been found during excavations. The Ramba Viharaya was the Royal Temple of the day.